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[VCP] The Vice City Police

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The Vice City Police

Welcome, we are the Vice City Police. We proudly claim the title of being one of MTA's oldest gangs and the undefeated winner of the only official MTA tournament. The precise start date was Monday, September 08, 2003 (credit MAD_BOY for saving this info). VCP has had a long MTA history which was started by Iggy. We have had many ups and downs. Today MAD_BOY, JHXP, and Talidan share the duty of leading VCP. We are certainly in need of members. If you join, you will not be a reserve player, you will be used. Many great players have come and gone through our doors for over 4 years, will you be another one?

We're active in all version of MTA. That means GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas.

We currently have no website, but you can always contact us at IRC.

IRC Channel:


^connects you to #mta (community channel) and #vcp (our official channel)

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