DNS site blocked at my IP range?

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I've been trying to get onto your site(s) since back when MTAVC was first released, and still to this day your sites do not return anything in my browser. They just hang there trying to load but never do. I figured the projects were dead or just not very good since you didnt have a properly working site. But recently a friend in Europe said he plays all the time so now I am using a proxy to get to your site, but what is the problem with the blocking? Please contact your provider because I had this problem with DSL and Cable modem, so it seems to be a regional thing. Please look into this asap.

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Can you please do a tracert? Go to start -> run and execucte cmd

Once at the prompt type 'tracert' and show me the output.

Should look a bit like


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Looks like you're either being blocked by the actual server or you're being blocked by the router on hop 16.

I've seen quite a few people with a problem similar to yours recently - this thread comes to mind and it's an example of a problem which is almost identical to yours.

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Any resolution with this? I can get on to the site from work just fine, which is on a T3. But at home I'm on sbc/at&t DSL

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Yeah, I'm having the same problem as well here, I just got DSL last week (no more dial up, WOOT) through Ameritech/SBC/AT&T and since then I haven't been able to go to a couple sites (this one included). The only reason I can right now, without breaking out the dial up is because I'm using a proxy. I figured it was a Reserve List issue with servers not being updated to the recently released IPs.

Could you please check the 75.*.*.* IP ranges also? I don't want to have to always come here using a proxy, heh.

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