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ViceCity starting normal - not with Multiplayer Modification

Guest SamerDubai

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Hi theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. :wink:

I have two computers, one ist from my brother one is mine. I installed original VC on both Computers and SinglePlayer works perfectly.

Now I downloaded MTA 0.5. On my Computer it works fine. I cant run a server but I can join one. Everytime I want to start a server clicking on "Start Game" the MTA 0.5 crashes and I am back on my Desktop.

So only Client is working. The other Computer has another problem. If I select a server and click Start Game, the game starts but not in the multiplayer Modification as it appears on my computer. You can Start a game or load a game - its normal VC. So whats the problem on my brothers PC and whats the Problem with creating a server. Please help me.

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Problem solved: I had to change the language into english. :oops:

But there's still the other prob with the creation of a server. Everytime I create one MTA crashes and show me my Desktop without any information. :evil:

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hi, thank you for your fast reply. I did as you told me - but no changes, MTA Crashes immediately after clicking on "Start Server"

Is there a possibility to play over LAN? :roll:

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helloooooo. Nobody can help me? I want to play with my brother over LAN is that possible, because if we meet on a server the game has very low performance. Everything is very dizy!!! :wink:

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what do you mean with full path of the server. I cant work with the Command Prompt - Its to difficult. Please tell me what I have to type in. :arrow:

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Click on Start->Run

Type in


In the black command prompt type:

cd "c:\program files\mta"

Use you MTA installation directory here. It is the one you have installed MTA into during the setup.

There you can start the server with the command


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