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Is the DM Mod being alpha/beta tested for too long?

Can a product (MTASA:DM Mod) be too heavily alpha/beta tested before release?  

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  1. 1. Can a product (MTASA:DM Mod) be too heavily alpha/beta tested before release?

    • No, and leave the poor developers alone with your petty poll!
    • No, bugs need to be fixed before release!
    • Yeah, It can't hurt to release a Public Alpha with a few bugs, this brings more feedback.
    • Yes! I don't care about bugs! Just gimme the DM mod now!

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I'm not complaining, though I am really hanging out for the Deathmatch Mod for MTA Blue.

I'm just interested to see what other people think about the amount of time between MTA milestones (Namely, the deathmatch mod).

Please release a Public Alpha if not a full working version soon guys.

I know the strain you must be under, but we want it sooo much.

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DO NOT ASK TO BETA TEST. I've had loads of PMs since I wrote this asking to beta test. Please read the forum rules.

Our alpha testing stage is still very much feature development. As such, MTA:DM is not feature complete. We won't and never will release a buggy half complete version (intentionally, anyway!). We intend to make the beta testing more open - you've got a good chance that you'll be able to test it then.

Currently we're building what we call internally a11 (alpha 11). Each alpha we release to our QA team has about 5 new features in it and of course a number of fixes. We tend to take about 2 - 3 weeks between each alpha. We've got a few more alphas to go before we'll be 'feature complete', one of the last of which contains the development of the MTA:DM map editor.

Over the course of the MTA:DM development, we've actually changed the map format quite a few times. This has annoyed our QA team, because it breaks all existing maps, but imagine the impact this would have if we did this to our public community - tens of thousands of players rather than 20 or so. Currently the QA team has reached a point where they cannot really create new maps as the race map format (they were using the race editor for dm maps) is so different to the DM one.

As such, we consider that getting the map editor done is vital for any release. We've thought about doing a release before the editor is ready - but as you will have seen from 'race', the editor has added a lot of value to the game-play, and so much of MTA:DM ties into maps.

We are as frustrated as you by how long DM is taking. We'd love to release it tomorrow, but that just isn't possible. We'll be releasing some more information soon - probably when we start work on the editor.

Of course anything I've discussed here can change - we frequently move things around in the road-map for our release.

I know we've said this before - but once we release DM, we're going to think carefully about how we can produce more frequent releases. We'd love to release fortnightly or monthly with a few incremental features. This is why its vital we get our 'base' for DM right - we can't start doing incremental releases every two weeks that break all existing maps because we didn't plan the map format properly now.

We won't be releasing a public alpha - just hang with us, we're doing the best we can. Watch the blog for some exciting new features in the next month or so.


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Please don't get too angry at me, as I stated before... I'm not complaining.

I just wanted to see what other people were thinking and I'm well aware of the "Don't ask" policy on release dates etc.

I just love Multi GTA so much and now that GTA-Rumble has fallen apart people who like Online Deathmatch play (Like Me) are at a boredom period.

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Well, we don't mind people asking us to release sooner - as long as they're rational about it and listen to what we have to say on the matter! We obviously aren't obliged to release anything, but we do try our best!

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leave the poor developers alone if you gyys will ask so many times they will be to busy checking the forums and i do think it taks long time but as evry one know you cant make a game in one day...

it taks much mor then just a week or somtimes a year as you guys see the team is doit what they like to do lets help the team by not asking the quastion again

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Well, the map format problem could be easily fixed if you made a converter each time you changed the map file format so your QA Team dont get pissed of and can convert their old maps into the new format, which could also help for the public release so you have more maps done, balanced pretty well since they dont have to start again ;)

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Making a converter takes time. As does packaging up a release and supporting it. We have no need for more testers, so theres nothing really to be gained by us for releasing a buggy version early.

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Release When its Done. That's all I have to say. I don't want a buggy release. Because I manage to catch every bug there is good and bad. And when its bad, It's not fun such as spawning in the ground. Driving in some spots continuoslly crashing the game. I know alot of stupid junk, I would tell you some spots, but one I havnt play'ed in a long time and forgot and 2. Its to hard describing them :P I'd need to take a screen shot. But for Now. MOTO GP '06! (Xbox 360 / Guild Wars (PC) and GRAW (Xbox 360) can hold me over!

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