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hey how do yu install clothing and skins for sa ?

Guest DirtySoufGangsta

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if u want to install cars than download a program calls San Andreas Mod Installer (if u need to replace files in carmods.dat with this car, SAMI dosen't have the carmods.dat file while installing car, u need a file that the author of the car will put in the archive).

if u want to install them manually (installing them manually takes more time, but it's much better than SAMI, or download GGMM, i don't have it, but i have been told it's very good), i recommend u to use img tool 2.0 (GTAGarage.com).

search for the files u want (F2) and delete them (if u want to backup the files, right click on them and extract them to any folder u want. if u don't backup, only way to get them back is reinstalling GTA San Andreas, and it's good to backup either if ur game will crash).

Now, add your files (Ctrl+A).

When you finish press on Commands > Rebulid Archive. this will take a few minutes.

that's it. now run GTA SA and enjoy your new mod :)

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