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Problem with installing Vice City..help please

Guest dark_rider1234

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I have a problem installing GTA:Vice City. When i start installing 2 bars of the installing bar appears and this error pops up:

Componenet transfer error: GTA vice city file group: readme file: D:/readme/readme_italian.txt.

the parameter is incorrect

can anyone help me please.

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Wrong post in a wrong forum. But this time I help (cos I'm so helpful :?).

Good place to go when you have problems is game's own support site.

Dunno but look here http://www.take2games.com/index.php?product=156%2C3%2CGrand+Theft+Auto%3A+Vice+City%2CPC%2CRockstar_Games%2Cgtavc&p=support. Mine installed with no problems. I think it's something to do with your language settings or something. Anyway check the website. And don't ever post that kinda messages anymore.

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