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ok i have about....500 upload how many players can i have on my server i can have about 8 lol on cod but whats about mtasa DM when it come out? and if i cant host alot can someone name a cheap american provider for servers? one that wont lag and that is cheap :) thx

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do poeple have to pay to have a 24/7 server? if u do then thats retarded.

Retarded? HAHAHA do you know how many people actually pay for gameservers in the world? Go into any popular game such as Battlefield or Counter-Strike, refresh the serverlist and there are tens of thousands of servers in the list.

How the fck is it retarded, you idiot?

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u should just be able to make a server and leave it on...

You can either use your home connection or pay for a server with a fast connection. Jon was talking about the latter.

Either way you'd still be paying. The problem with home servers is that they can generally only suit small numbers of players, as ISPs often impose monthly download/upload caps and cripple upload rates.

and time and effort you put into it

and dont forget about the power ;(

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If you keep your PC on for one MTA server you are paying 25 Euro per month for only the power.

Then you also have the work to keep everything running and also your Internet connection get slower for your private use.

It is much cheaper to hire a 24 players slot at a MTA Host, because you pay less and you make use of a better network.

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oh...well at least not for me they don't..thank u comcast!

if you host a 24/7 game server, comcast will probably ask you to stop.

this happened to a friend of mine, same ISP, same server (MTA)

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