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He doesn't mean are there any other multiplayer games out there. He means are there any other single player games that fans have created multiplayer modifications for. Try not to be such an ass to people on here, if you don;t understand thier question then don't post!

The only one I am aware of is a project to add multiplayer to Mafia, an old pc game that has some similar features to the 3D GTA's. I'm not sure where the project is at. Interestingly it was being coded by an MTA team member though it has no official links to the team nor shares any MTA code. The only other mods I remember are some modifications to the gta2 multiplayer to add server browsers and some improved internet play though strictly that isnt adding multiplayer, rather enhancing it.

However, there are many excellent single player games that I often think would be superb with an MTA-like mod. Morrowind, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Battlezone, Gun, Max Payne and Max Payne II to name but a few. I find it odd that there be so many teams past and present that strive to create multiplayer for the GTA's but seemingly none for other titles.

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XMP was developed by a company, not by fans. Btw, which MTA team member was working on Mafia multiplayer?

I believe it was free though, I'd say it was created by fans of the game who happened to form, or be part of a company :)

As the member didn't talk about it in public much, nor promote it on these forums, I think I'll leave it at that and let him speak up himself if he wishes.

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