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Message Of The Day!.. %123512$!243, Crash.


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Yeah.. i just reinstalled vc, because i was having problems even starting the damn game, and now that i reinstalled MTA, and VC, it seemd to work, untill i entered the game, and it froze with this message..




And then ide get a little 'eh mate your program just crashed, lol' message. we all love those dont we..


Well, how do i fix this. I really enoyed playing online, quite impressive work you fellows put into this.

Edit: if it matters, so you dont have to copy it down, the code thingy is


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Another thing, check you've set the right Vice City version on the Client.

You mean like 1.0 and 1.1 right?

im checking out the wiki now.

im doing that DontGetLatest=1 thang.

Edit: Well, i dont get that Message of the day thing, but it still crashes after i click Start Multi Theft Auto.

Edit.. Agian: Lol, nvm i got the message agian, but why does it say Suspected Trainer Useage? what does that mean.

how do i do this?

changing your mtaserver.conf (server admins) and use the rich motd instead.
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To edit mtaserver.conf you just need to open it in Wordpad or Notepad (Windows) or Nano or a similar editor (Linux) and change what you want.

Suspected trainer usage pretty much means the game thinks you're trying to cheat, either because you have a trainer running or because you've got another application running which contains one of the blacklisted words (hack, cheat, mod etc) and MTA picks up on it. You can minimize this by closing everything else which you have running, especially things like MSN Messenger and web browsers (pages like imageshack can trigger it).

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yeah, well it doesnt make it so the forum says theres a new post there. if i edited my posts by saying that, bad chance of you responding..

Edit: wtf? why is there a delete button there now, but not for my other posts..

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