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Vista? Error

Guest punker

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the Program Loads in vista but it says

"Grand Theft Auto SA Cannot Find Audio Card Installed"

GTA sound works fine when opend with gta SA.exe on desktop

when trying with out MTA it makes that error

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lmfao trying play mta with next gen of windows its been made for xp and not beata software

I will Try Compatibility mode (it's Windows Vista's emulator to make the program think i am running XP SP2 )

edit: it did not work :(

i have an dual boot any waysof XP SP1 and Vista

GTA SA works much better using Direct X 10.0 :D

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Could you perhaps include a check in the future release of the client that detects if a user's OS is ver 6.0 (vista) and then disable the sound check? I would really like to run mta under vista... I mean it'd also give the mta team a head start on finding out possible issues that may affect vista users come jan 2007

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I can assure you that once vista is released people will probably want to be playing at least some of their older video games. I would hope that the MTA team plans on future support for vista. I'm just wondering why with all these volunteers willing to do testing they haven't released a vista compatible version of blue. I'm not to sure of what would be involved in developing something like this but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too labour intensive to make the client for mta compatible. San Andreas single players seems to run fine as well as a handful of other multiplayer games. All that seems to be barring vista users from running the client is that weird sound card error. Disabling a check for the soundcard in the mta client would hopefully allow people to play mta, albeit without sound support (which is fine by me).

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