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Editing Death match

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Ive just realized how good it will be with the blue platform in MTA:DM. First of all we'll be able to make completely new levels of a suitable size. E.g use landmasses with buildings on. Then place them high up in the sky and put boundries round. It will, in my opinion be the start of something new and exciting as you couldnt use most the buildings much in mta race due to the fact you couldnt fit your car inside! With all this in mind im pretty sure there will be some excellent designs that compete with fps games like halflife. Im hoping to design a Dedust type map like from halflife. What do you think?

I decided to make a level using mta race and edited it in paint to give an idea of what my first map would look like in mta dm


The bellow map would contain two teams terrorists and counter- terrorists. The aim of this map is to defeat the other team using tactics and environment as cover. It is not suitable to run around crazy on this map as youll probly get killed quickly. There are no vehicles in this version. If possible, when you die you have to wait for the match to finish. This will make the game more realistic.


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Thats a nice idea - screenshot looks good!

I'll warn you that we're changing the map format for dm quite a bit. It'll still be XML, but different. As such you might have to remake your map (or we may provide a converter).

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thats even better! i wasnt expecting to have the map converted as its just a plan and something to play around with and work on as i wait for DM to be released. Ill be more than happy to make the maps again for DM because i find its more enjoyable than actually playing on the map itself lol. Will be adding more screens soon.

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theres not enough draw distance to create a BIG map without scenery dissapearing when you move away from it. When stood at one end of the map i couldnt see the other side which didnt look very realistic. Ill probably keep my designs to hold 32 players as what ever MTA do im pretty sure theyll make the max slots the same or larger.

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I think a counter-strike style map shouldn't have more than 24 players, it just gets too crowded in my opinion. Perhaps escort type maps would be suitable for 32 players?

But the idea is good, and the potiential is really great too. People climbing onto crates and stuff ;)

Just keep in mind that you need to stop people from climbing onto something really high, that gives them an unfair advantage :) Especially with the speed you can get by running.

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