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[ENG] Eagle Roleplay — #allwaysforthebetter

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Server Information

Server Name: [ENG] Eagle Roleplay —  #allwaysforthebetter


Server Address: WIP.

Server Status: Closed.

Forums: WIP.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/DnVfFwqaJ6



We have been developing and continuing our server since November 2021. As we have observed for a long time, MTA mass is declining and this continues. Recently, unreal servers that have been opened and closed have been opened. Our aim is definitely not to disrupt the order of other servers, not to rant. It is to develop the roles of you and the players, to give them an environment where they can have fun. Due to the past experience of our admin team, we can confidently talk to you about this. As the developer team, we add and add something to the server every day, take notes of what we do one by one and publish them as a collective update. We are sure that the server will always be active, that it will be a long-term adventure. Like every server, there will always be those who make bad comments, we will draw a conclusion from the reason of these bad comments and make a follow-up chart accordingly on behalf of the admin team. Any and all requests are always welcome. R&D will remain open for a long time, there may still be bugs on the server. We are adding innovations to our website and game mode day by day, we do not delay the update times. Among the optional R&Ds, we will code the ones that are compatible with the concept one by one and report them in additional updates or new records. Of course, we need your support for this server to survive, we are starting a really long-term adventure.

Thanks for your time

~ pervysage.

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