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Freezes when pressing connect

Guest RoadVictim

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Whenever i press the connect button after selecting a server in mta the game freezes and i cant do anything. It freezes just the moment i click the connect button, not after loading or in the game.

Anyone know a solution for this problem?

I got European version 1 of San Andreas, no cracks, mods, hacks or any other stuff installed, just the original game and MTA. Also i got the latest drivers installed for my ATI graphicscard.

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Sorry for the lack of response, been on vacation.

And yes i do have a firewall, "Norman". But i have set it to allow all connections too and from MTA SA. And yes, i did run the single player game once before trying online.

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hmm does your map editor work?

cuz mta should load the map when you press connect so maybe it cant find your gta sa directory that could explain why it freezes

or you might have the forgotten to uninstall the previous version of mta and installed the new one that should give you the new versions servers but after connnecting it freezes cuz that happend to me and else download it again if you havent done that yet.

or else its a security measure of your pc in that case try too open mta like this: go to the mta icon and click right mouse button and then press:

preform ass or what ever it is in english pc now then you should enter the code so if you are the owner of the pc you should now it or else maybe your dad or something but what ever after entering the code mta should fire up if you done it correctly and that might help :D

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