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[Blog] Vehicle damage model (by ChrML)


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  • MTA Team

Yesterday I synced the vehicle damage model for vehicles. This includes doors, panels, lights and tyres. It basically means that a damaged vehicle will look the same for all players in the server, even if you leave a vehicle somewhere in the server, disconnect and join two hours later (assuming no vehicle respawn set). This ofcourse includes popped tyres and broken tail-lights.

I think this adds a nice feeling to the game of things being synced down to the tiny details and it only took a few hours to implement. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Cheers :).

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Interesting update. Hopefully it can work well.

Yeah I get really pissed off when a car is on fire on one screen and not on the other sometimes. Good job on this. This will be a big plus.

Likewise. It got quite frustrating time to time espically in some clanwar situations or just playing around on deathmatch. Sometimes on Teamspeak i could hear one of my clanmates cars explode through their microphone even though they are standing next to me or a few metres away, and seeing on my screen the car in perfectly fine condition or slightly damaged.

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