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After big succes of our clan [db], i wanted to start something smaller. Like a clan or something like that. Then i saw something about roleplaying, and thats what we need! I made a site, http://www.sa-rp.eu.tt . We have many roles, and were working on a script now. Everybody who wants can participate, even if you are in a clan! The only things is, i need a leader for this! I cant do this, because i dont have time. Who wants to be leader?! (no n00bs please). :lol:


http://www.sa-rp.eu.tt (if this is gonna be a succes, i will buy .com ;) )

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By viewing from their forums and the time this thread was posted, it seems quite limited that anything will become available. On the other hand if someone is interested then they may wish to participate those procedures as mentioned.

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