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When it comes to support for the DE, my question is what’s the point? We can always mod the game ourselves and in the end that’s all DE is, a cheap set of stolen modifications. I’m surprised nobody tried to sue Grove Street Gaming… they pretty much just made an MTA server’s mods into a $60 game. Pretty dirty.

So many veteran players would return if DE was supported or, *cough* MTA mobile. Alas that will not happen. Some things are not meant to be. But maybe, just maybe, DE and MTA will make it to the metaverse. I mean hey, Mark Zuckerberg seems to like San Andreas! Zuckerberg is kind of an ass but regarding integration we have support from the owner of Facebook. I guess that’s a chance… maybe an expensive DLC ridden mess of a chance but it’s something. Very cool to see Facebook give us a nod… however I doubt they’ll help in any way. Certainly not for free.

In the end it’s understandable but disappointing. I’m disappointed at Rockstar after their GTA V shark card cash grab and hoped to see their help. It’s a big “F you” to the consumer, where MTA was always about the community. GTA: DE was an even bigger “F you” because it was bad and poorly released. But I get the feeling that Mark Zuckerberg talking about San Andreas (cannot stress this enough) meant GTA:DE was really a call to action for mobile gaming lobbyists. Was GTA:DE a metaverse rally? Attempting to bring the metaverse to life? Who knows. What we do know is that the DE update didn’t apply to mobile users. Salt on the wound or a deliberate move?

Just frustrating, being left in the dark of our corporate leaders and large developers. But they would be the ones to fix us up with an update. Like Roblox for example, the only reason it’s popular and gets updates is because it is its own game (and kids play it). It’s cross platform, mobile to PC. It’s a cash cow, a downright scam. The ratings it receives, however, far surpass other comparable mobile games… solely on the back of children swiping their parents credit cards.

It’s truly sad to see cash grab games win us over. MTA could’ve been a contender, DE could’ve made it too. But no. MTA mobile would’ve been the platform and place to have a regularly updated community and an actually fun alternative to the usual Clash of Clans/COD mobile crowd, and in another world maybe it even could’ve made it public. Wall Street is out to get people like us, plain and simple. The world is evil.

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