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Dear MTA wiki support team,

recently I have been trying to perform changes to the MTA wiki content but have been denied due to a strange error message. A different message is being shown when trying to log out and log in. By assessing the whole set of error messages I am assuming that the MTA wiki is hit by a web service outage and cannot be maintained. Please note that the error messages do wrongfully put the blame on the user or the hijacking of his data but I doubt it is true because I have also tried to login with invalid login data through a Tor node and the same errors happened.

Error message when trying to edit content


Error message when trying to log out


Error message when trying to log in


I am sorry if I have missed any official statement about this issue. But it has started pretty recently and I would like to know when it is going to be repaired.

Content meant to be added to "Where to buy GTASA"


According to a [https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/393o373751k48k/a-note-from-the-rockstar-games-team-re-grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-th recent Rockstar Games Newswire article] you will be able to buy the classic GTA SA game within the 3D GTA classic bundle. Buyers of the Definitive Edition bundle will be receiving a free RGL copy of the game if the purchase was done until the 30th of June 2022.


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Hi @Tut,

thank you for the quick response! Yes, I have tried it, even with a different IP address but the error has persisted. If you try logging into the wiki with invalid, random details you should see the same error message as I have depicted. Anyway, here is a random proof:


In order to further assess the situation I want to kindly ask you to try the same process as I depict in the above picture and tell me if you also receive the same error message as I do. ?

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