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I come with the sale of the proprietary RPG + RP gamemode which was slightly inspired by the eastern MTA scene.

The gamemode was created by me, no one had access to it. If you are interested, please contact me at the bottom.

What's in gamemode?

- Bus Stops
- Chat typing animation
- Ghostmode system (zone)
- Launching the cursor
- Administration system (some basic commands, normal duty etc.)
- Flying for administration
- Increased map drawing distance as well as vehicles for adm
- Player blips
- Script coding
- Summoning factions
- Faction signals panel (also audio)
- Entering the duty factions
- Faction vehicles
- ATMs
- BW
- Custom chat (not finished)
- Help Panel
- Second HUD (old)
- Nametags
- Notifications
- Editboxes
- Radar
- Shops
- Meter
- Work on the farm (not finished)
- Core (save players, variable weather system downloaded from any city / country we want, set one on the server, language system, ghostmode system on the vehicle, ID broadcasting, whitelista, webhooks (in embed), chat with word censorship, several thousand profanity e.t.c)
- Linking MTA to Discord
- A bundle of objects
- Entering the interior
- A simple system for adding and creating interiors related to entering interiors
- Login
- New markers
- Peds system
- Model loading / coding system
- Connecting to the database
- CB radio
- Neon signs
- Public vehicles
- Fuel stations
- Limiter
- Inventory (not finished)
- Scoreboard
- Resource download
- 3D music
- 3D sounds (when HP goes down, we have a heartbeat etc.)
- Beautiful shaders that no server has
- Some maps, models (on request)

The presentation




- Discord: Mizyo#1000

- E-mail: [email protected]


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