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Client for the remaster version of GTA:SA


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First of all, thanks to the MTASA community for our amazing childhood.
The second is few moments ago, Rockstar game has announced the remaster version of Triology ( GTA:SA, GTA:VC, GTA:LC )

May i ask if they get release, will you guys create a MTASA Version for it ? 

Thank you guys again for viewing my topic 

Video of the remaster down below


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15 minutes ago, Tut said:


We currently have no plans to release a MTA Trilogy version as the game code just isn't there for us to see, however it is an option we would like to explore once Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is released.

WOW, that would be so awesome !

We believe in you guys 

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On 11/11/2021 at 16:34, locarno said:

Trilogy is released. Did you plan to make new MTA client for SA Definitive Edition?

@Tut's post from this topic should give you enough context about the current happenings regarding any trilogy multiplayer discussion:

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