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good or bad idea?  

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Elo ppl! erm... my idea is when you start MTA you choose from the different game modes [prob already done] but ad freeroam and san andreas jus plays as normal [wit no missions coz dat will makes it cuffusin] but has everyone else freeroamin at the sametime [prob got to limit it coz of lag]. you should be able to choose different servers [if dats the rite word to use] so not every1 jams into 1 room[freeroam] :D rick!

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ya in order to have peds you would have to have like a dual 100 mbit connection and have alot of cpu becauise tones of peds would be going all over the place and you would have to develop a complex permanent clock that syncs with every players cleint!

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Freeroam on foot would be very posible just don't fight each other when plaing DM. :wink:

As long as the map makers put cars all over SA then everything should be fine.


people keep thinking that adding peds and AI players will make it better but i say they'll just get in the way.

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Cant you tell the sarcasm, eh? ;p

i say they'll just get in the way.

Not only that but their understanding and lack of intelligence would make the gameplay quite boring and worthless in my opinion.

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