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Less bendwith ideas

Do you want less bandwith used up during MTA?  

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  1. 1. Do you want less bandwith used up during MTA?

    • Yes - It would help alot
    • No - It would only make things worse for me
    • I dont cair - It dosnt effect me!

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Hey Im in Australia and everybody knows that we dont get the best internet deals.

Anyway I have a limeted amount of download useage that I can use before I have to wait till the end of the month. I was thinking that if you could put extra effort in making MTA with less bandwidth useage it would be better for every one.

Good Points are:

Less lag (pings) > more players > more fun > more players

Less bandwidth used > more (happy) players

Bad points:

More work for you > slow releases > un-happy people

Another way of solving this is a custom upload limet and download limet. This would mean that you could change the upload limet to anything and there be a nother tab for the download limet witch should also be custom. This wouls allow the user full control and awearness over what they are useing of their limeted internet or not useing up all the bandwith if their useing internet shearing with others.

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Good idea, *edit* voor blokker: kun je die netcode niet meteen in voor VC maken of ik dat te moeilijk? niet dat het veel uit maakt want GTA3 rocks!

make it good playable whitch 16 KB/sec upload, or make another special LAN version what is using 500 KB/sec upload en has got al the tools and shit en make an internet version that is limited en is running quicker.

i don't have a real data limit , ik can upload as much as i want and i can download 5 GB a day max.

so download speed isn't the problem whitch the most people but the upload is , so is mine , if got a 4200/128 kBit cable connection.

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My cable modem has gone up to 750kilobytes/s downloading (it stoped working the day after) and up to 75kilobytes/s uploading.

Normally its 240/30kilobytes/s though.

To decrease bandwidth if its using a lot you could always install a GZip module and gzip the data before its sent. Though i dont think thats a problem with this mod yet.

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we hate it when people start making these posts : as said be4 : there is gonna be a new netcode which will make the mod use up less bandwith.

Maby you havnt noticed but Many ideas come from these types of posts. Also if you didnt finish reading it I had another alternetive witch was to be able to set your custom Upload/Downlaod limet that the game uses.

I think shutting up and let the devs do what their doing would work even BETTER!

I kinda disagree with this, the devs should read the ideas people have because some of them are good and will help the development of MTA aswell as save some time. Every one has diffrent ideas, some are good and some are bad but if you know all the ideas you can remove the bad ones and use all the good ones. So being quiet and letting the devs work on their own wont be the best thing to do. This is a community.

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the devs listen to the community all the time, they have taken a lot of ideas from the community on everything from syncing to game-modes and put it in the mod. But they do get sick of multiple suggestions about the same thing.

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I've pondered the vehicle damage as well.

GTA2 i think would of used a very simple method to communicate vehicle damage between PCs.

So then how much information about vehicle damage would be enough to satisfy the gamer? I'm not sure if gta3 just counts up vehicle damage until it sums to say, 100, but if it does...

what about communicating a series of 4 numbers per vehicle, with two flags, say front/back or left/right. Then you could increase the 'weight' of the damage to the front, and then when you hit a certain total number (which can be calculated quickly) the vehicle shows white smoke, then black smoke then flames.

I think those four numbers would be enough, but i could be entirely wrong about this. :?

I suspect player skins won't be a problem, since there are many built into the game...

In the game Soldier of Fortune 2, they had a menu option to change game type, after a certain time elapsed, and this was done by voting. Will such a system or similar be implicated into MTA to speed up gameplay?

... just an idea. :)

If anything else pops into my head, i'll write that too... Keep up the great work MTA team!

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why dont they make a chackbox or an option in the config file for the server to let the server decide if car damage should be enabled or not. so if its an internet server it can be disabled if it requires alot of bandiwdth and it can be enabled if its over lan.

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My ISDN Connection is too slow to run MTA, but it is fast enough for

GGM, so I really need it ! (the new netcode duh!) And, on my 100 mbits

LAN, MTA eats almostall the bandwith !


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no point with enable/disable car damage sync, cause you would still need something like a damage meter if you didnt have damage sync. and if you are in a speed gammode, you would have to have 2 damage meters instead =(

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I doubt car damage will take as much bandwidth as the actual drive-syncing, which is definitely required. I'm sure the developers will experiment on slow connections (if available), so that if they can get slow connections running nicely, surely faster ones will too.

Perhaps there can be a few options to make the game "faster" etc, it really depends on what exactly the developers decide should be toggleable. Things like running/driving/shooting/jumping should be permanent things... After that, who knows... (perhaps some form of simple collision detection and one that's complex?... Not sure how the mod works or anything, but if that's mod-side perhaps what I said can be done. From my guess though it wouldn't be very heavily mod-side, but ofcourse I could be 100% wrong).

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. I haven't voted in this poll, since it's an obvious answer.

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For us in Sweden bandwidth isn't really a concern :D

I'm at 1000kb/s down and 120kb/s up atm. or that is in a month or two when they've upgraded right now it's just 320kb/96kb or something like that.

I'm talking about kilobytes, not kilobits.

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My cable modem has gone up to 750kilobytes/s downloading (it stoped working the day after) and up to 75kilobytes/s uploading.

Normally its 240/30kilobytes/s though.

To decrease bandwidth if its using a lot you could always install a GZip module and gzip the data before its sent. Though i dont think thats a problem with this mod yet.

GZip is for file-compression, what MTA need is a string-compression to decrease the bandwith, but its the Programmers Choice if the build it in.

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