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Ban Appeal

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Hello. First of all I'm so sorry for avoiding the rules. I got kick from servers due to old versions of bandicam at the beginning. Then I tested some lag switch from a video (which I know it was fixed like 5 or 6 months before  Here is the link of the video(removed by staff)  (I'm not dumb to think that It will work just could not think it will result with perma, wanted to test it because I wasn't playing that much at this time, I got banned in march 2021.)  - You can look my activities you won't probably see something wrong there) I could not be able to play MTA again. Tried to play with my HDD, I got ban there too. After some time passed from my ban (like 6-7 months) I had a new computer, tried to play with it then I got it again. I'm not saying that I am innocent but I think that I deserve one more chance.

P.S : Even if this appeal get accepted/declined I want my nick to stay hidden because I'm ashamed and if you will give me a chance I will not play this game in a competitive way due to my old computer from my office, I just wanna have fresh start away from people and chill few hours in a month. Sincerely 


Current serial of mine: F783A807F05C7A4B6DFA36DE12C48E13


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firstly i know i can't make an reply to ban appeals but i know this guy (which one is my best friends and i was calling him my boss) Dutchman already knows who i am. In the beginning we were good friends, we met each other for a long time ago, we were friendly everything was alright but he had weak hits ( we are dd section players that's why i'm using hits or some words) he were trying to find some kind of lag program and i was using lagswitch for get better hits and he asked me for share with him and i shared with him (Dutchman already knows he's activitys and mine.) btw it got fixed by MTA admins and we started finding other ways like Autohotkey and some kind of programs and started using Autohotkey for make lags and its caught by MTA admins to. and he started telling me, Can't we make new lagswitch from ++C? and i told him we can try bcz it has some kind of sources for make lagswitches easily ( I'm explaining these thinks for understand what happened bcz he pushed me to do these sh*ty thinks whatever) and i tried to compline an lagswitch source and got perma banned by MTA admins they caught me. and same as him he got banned for few days i think it was only 2 days. and non stop he were telling me, can't u find new one etc. and i saw the video which one he shared i gave him firstly this program which one is shared on some sites and he started using and tried to trade cheats with some guys (I will not give any name like speed mods) and he got caught by MTA admins i shared everything with him like what i had on my hands i will not lie anything about this. His trying to hide his nick name bcz he thinks hes popular player in DD section but already everyone knows he got banned from MTA .He were talking like badass to MTA admins like they can't find him etc (if you want proofs i can give you with screen shots like what we talked with him.) and i hope they never unban you u were biggest abuser in MTA. Ye i was abusing to but i got regret and best regards from your best old friends Daigamindx ;)

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