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Ok here's the suggestion :


I was playing GTA:SA (Single Player) and some cops were chasing me as i was driving a limousine. And then a idea came throught my mind ...


So the idea is : the boss of a gang or just a mafia boss is sitting in the limousine and he is not driving the car , because a bodyguard is. Around the car are some gangsters defending the car as the "first front line". So the boss's mission is to get to a checkpoint ( there's only one or maybe 2-3). And there are cops (as SWAT team or FBI etc). The cops's mission is to eliminate the boss before he reaches the checkpoint.

About the checkpoint (s)

I think the best would be if the checkpoint would be as far away as it can be so the chasing would be much more fun.

(The version with more then one checkpoint could have stuff like : the bodyguard who drives the boss's limousine could ( after reaching checkpoint #1) switch the vehicle to a helicopter or something . The reason i actually dont want the boss to escape with a flying vehicle is that the game would start be boring in a while and the boss would reach the final checkpoint too fast. )

I think the cops should have the compass enabled and the bandits not, but i think thats not possible lol so i think the bandits cant just see the cops on the radar because they have no helicopters in the air like the police- helicopters can see where the wanted are.

And last but not least , the strech should be armoured a bit.

AND HERE's ANOTHER version :

In the limousine is sitting a president and the cops must defend the car from the bandits ?

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