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[db] Darkbrothers


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What we do


-Just playing on a server

-Much more!

The games we play







[db]Darkshadow (upper leader) (me)

[db]killer60 (co-leader)

[db]Hacker (co-leader)

[db]-=mark=- (co-leader)

[db]suicide BoMbA (thug)

[db]RVO (thug)

[db]Blade (thug)

[db]mask (thug)

[db]cj_breaker (thug)

[db]Iverson (thug)

[db]Daan (Gangster)

[db]skubi (Gangster)

[db]GUSTAVO (Gangster)

[db]**Mafia** (Gangster)

[db]Neo_b (Gangster)

[db]-Johannes (Gangster)

[db]_-Atomic-_ (Gangster)

[db]Mach1 (Gangster)

[db]tntmas (Gangster)

[db]MatrixMan (Gangster)

[db]+ionic+ (Gangster)

[db]Buster (Gangster)

(for an actual list go to our website)


Darkshadow's GTA:Rumble Server : 2222

With cool sript

[server DOWN]

Darkshadow's SA-MP Server : 7777

Max. 4 players

[server UP] (not 24/7)

bart's server (SA-MP) : 7777

Max. 4 players

[server UP] (24/7)

The other servers (also the MTA server) are down.

More info


On the site you can:

-Challenge for clanwar

-See the latest news

-Write in the forum

-Much more!

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Look like a very nice site do you have seen the one from -GR- that isnt already finish but we are pretty far But the sites look nice. And i am -GR-P.H.Thunder i am from the diplomatical team and we also start total new maby you have intrest and this means for more Clans. check out our topic on this for to now our history. Wel let me hear something

to check our site thake a look here on http://www.inter-com.ath.cx

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No this is the first time our clan is active in the GTA games. Before we where active in the game from C&C Renegade You now that game. Now whe have more games andt it wil grow whene the members come :P and we play the must time GTAT But now the Deathmacht is comeing :P that is bether.

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Wel whe have the games Like Half Life 2 and Counterstrike Source and Darkthrone and C&C Renegade and the mods from GTA SA that are MTA:SA and GTAT That game we have now and there wil be comeing more if ppl join. but wy wouldt we not grow wy shut that be bether

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Oh yea, i was there when you created this clan, if i remeber right it was on the first or second release of Rumble where you tried to figure out the name to clan :wink: But anyway GL.

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