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[LF] Any-level scripter for a server [Non-paid]

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Hi, call me Ric. I am originally from Russia. Sorry, I will speak the wrong English. Most likely, this topic will seem stupid to you. I have been an active user of GTA multiplayer for 9-10 years. Every year I have accumulated the experience of role-playing games and now I am ready to use it and share it with you. I want to open my server together with you. For my project, I am looking for a strong script that can bring ideas to life. The budget of my project is not large and I am not ready to vouch for the high profit of the server. This is a server aimed exclusively at a good game. At the moment, there are almost no good role-playing servers left. Therefore, I am looking for the same enthusiast as me) Ready to take up 3d modeling of maps/objects/cars/skins. If you are interested in my offer, let me know. With love, Ric ❤️

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34 минуты назад nikitafloy сказал:

Бизнес, в котором вы гарантируете большую прибыль, но не хотите вкладывать деньги ... 

I said i dont guarantee it)

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