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ok well i just got gta and was trying how to figure out how to do this

can anyone help me out?

like a step by step proccess?

i already have the mtaserver-win32-v1.1.1 >> mta server setup

what else do i need

i have dsl

so what do i do now?

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i looked for it on the start menu

and i see "MTA San Andreas"

but when i go over it it only includes

MTA server


uninstall MTA server

what do i do?

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You use your common sense to install the CLIENT, and not the SERVER?

MTA:SA R1.1.1 - Client

This is the latest release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas R1.1.1 version. This is the only installer you need to be able to play

MTA:SA R1.1 - Dedicated Server v1.1.1

You only need to download a server if you intend to host games for other players to join. The client installer includes the windows server, so if you already have the client installer you do not need the windows server.

Our dedicated servers come in two different flavours, as you can see below. Please pick the version that suits your system.

Hahahahaha I can't believe you downloaded the server and not the client and then wondered why you couldn't play. Such a shame that people can't read.

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Kamazy's guide to playing MTA for extream noobs:

1. Turn on your pc

2. Install GTA:SA

3. If you have to get connected to the internet

4. Oper internet explorer (or what ever explorer you have)

5. Go to "http://light.mtavc.com/" (without the quotes)

6. On the uper right side you will see a lot of download buttons click one

7. Now download MTA client (this is done by clicking the download button)

8. Save clint in "C:/MTA/"

9. Go to "C:/MTA/"

10. There should be the file you downloaded. (might be as a .zip or .rar)

10A. If it is a .zip or .rar Right click on it and chose extract here

11. Open the file you just extracted

12. There should be "MTA Setup.exe" Start it. (By duble clicking or click once and presing enter)

13. Now MTA Setup should start

14. Click "Next" (on the bottom right)

15. Click "I agree" (on the bottom right)

16. Click "next"

17. Click "Next" (will install in "C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas"

18. Click "install" (you gta:sa path should be there)

19. wait

20. after the setup is done click on the "start" button (on the lower left of you monitor)

21. A new start menu should be there called "MTA san andreas"

22. There's a button called "play mta san andreas" click it

23. now the mta logo should apear on you'r screen. (in the middle)

24. now you will see some intro's for GTA:SA

25. after the intros cick on the "brows servers button" wait a couple of secs.

26. now you should see a bunch of MTA servers dubble click on one of them.

27. now you should start loading....

28. now you should be in an MTA game. (race)

29. wait for a new race to start. (or to respawn)

30. RACE!

If this doesn't help NOTHING WILL!!!!!!!!!

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Server = The place where u can play... (by connecting to the ip)

Client = the tool u need to play on the "Server"

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I think you were very rude to this person and in future treat people with respect not a diss. He clearly needed help not sarcasm.

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If he'd posted "Do you have a direct link to the client download please?" I would have happily given him it, but since he decided to be rude and demand things without asking nicely, I decided to reply in a similar manner.

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i heard you can play on consoles, is that really possible, i have a ps2 and an xbox, i have the game for ps2. what do i need to play it on there cause the controls on the conmuter are so hard to use.


gta sa

network adaptor


what else

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