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Some more mode suggestions...

Guest cuber3

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Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Cops vs. Robbers mode

I absolutely love these maps, because they really force you to work together as a team.

Therefore, I think it'd be really nice to see a mode exclusive for this.

Cops have to locate and eliminate the suspects, the robbers have to stay alive until the map time ends.

Some improvements for this mode:

- Robbers can't respawn, police can (so there's a constant supply of cops chasing the robbers)

- When all robbers are dead, a message displays that the cops have won, and a new map is voted

- When the map time is up, and there are still robbers alive, a message will display that the robbers have won, and a new map is voted

- Maybe people can choose wether to play as Cop/Robber (just like T/CT in counter-strike) instead of random (although I don't mind random)

2. Vehicle Deathmatches

Deathmatches with vehicles.

Players bash each other until only one person remains.

These maps should be fairly small, so you don't have to drive for minutes to find another person.

Maybe there could also be ammo pickups, so people can fire their uzis or something (just an idea)...

3. Deathmatch expansions

Maybe there could also be team deathmatches...

4. Some other mode that doesn't have a name :)

I came up with this, and I dunno if it would work, but it could be nice.

It would be a bit like team deathmatch, but now one team has to protect a certain place (like say they spawn at a building, and they have to protect it from the other team).

The other team must infiltrate the point of interest, and plant bombs (you know, the bombs you can throw and then blow up with the remote).

When they manage to blow those bombs up at that point, they win.

It would be a bit like CS' DE mode, but now there would be a bomb pickup, so every player who reaches the pickup has bombs, except for the usual single person, and the others cannot defuse the bombs.

I think it would be a nice tactical mode.

Another slight suggestion, maybe you could make it so that dead players cannot say anything anymore (well, at least for the cops vs robbers and deathmatch modes, because they can give a lot of hints by spectating).

For race mode it's okay, but for other modes, I'd suggest removing that...

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The team is working very hard on deathmatch right now, so any updates to race will probably be bug fixes and small additions. I doubt they will be making any dedicated game modes for race any time soon.

Yeah, I know..

Just sharing my ideas ^^

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