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[help request] Simple Health % / name HUD resource

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I am currently working on my roleplay server project, and I am trying to make a very simple resource, a HUD health / name resource, here is what I am trying to exactly replicate :


(( this is all there is, health and name in bottom left corner ))


(( this is what I currently have made ))

I have gotten the health and name down there, but I cannot place the dxDrawRectangle there, and when you get damaged it doesn't update, and if you update the resource the health shows for instance.. " 97.23712956% " not.. " 97% "

I need help replicating that resource..


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2 hours ago, Tekken said:

Why can't you place the rectangle down there? Also use math.floor to get a integer out of a float:

math.floor(97.2371) = 97

I dont really understand how coordinates work, it took me like 2 hours just to get the " 100% " health window down there, and after that it took me another 40 minutes for the name...  + I dont know how to set the color to change on health for instance for when you are at like 15% health for it to be very redish dark orange..

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