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Firstly, I want to apologize if this question was discussed somwhere on this forum, but its just came to my mind while playing RACE mod.

The thing is that MTA:SA server currently doesn't synchronise daytime for players. Every newcomer to the map always has 12.00 (or the time written in tag in .map file)...Its surely does not matter for RACE mod what time player does ride it, but probably will cause fairplay disbalance in Deathmatch mod. Targetting in day time is obviously easier task than at night time. So "longplayers" will be in worse conditions than "newcomers", Because when they long play the same map, their daytime timer will be different from daytime of newcomer: ex. 03.00 night time on longplayer, and 12.00 on newcomer...

So I wanted to pay your attention to this feature and to ask developers to make serverside daytime timer, as it once was in MTA:VC, where everybody had the same daytime, in spite of time they connect to server.

Thank you.

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