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TRAINER AC Appeals my bad

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Hello,dear Dutchman,and others.

 I ask you to unban me, I take away the work of volunteers, and the administration of mta, I play on mta forks, and there they gave me a punishment, my friends said try the program to get around the punishment not in the official mta, but on the fork, I tried, but then I was given a global ban, that I can not go anywhere that is connected with mta, please remove the block, respectfully! I was wrong.

My serial number:AC1B7C9DA619B53E329F7840F28F1BB4


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

No, this ban is permanent.

Like you can see a few recent appeals from your fellow "Forks cheaters", we have relieved forks from a couple of persistent cheaters for good. Helping forks get rid of such dedicated cheaters is really valuable to forks due to the very limited anti-cheat features present in forks, together these people account for the majority of cheating activity on forks. These bans are all final @5procent

As you can make up from past appeals for "Forks cheaters", these bans have resulted in activating the MTA serial security (harshness to bypass a ban) from official MTA, on individual forks cheaters. This is the reason why you can no longer change serial and evade as usually is very easy on forks opposed to official MTA.

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