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[Help] onClientClick dxImage

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I want to if you click on the fixed button [dx image] then the whole gui turns off. But I don't know how to do it. please help


function gui()
    dxDrawImage(screenW * 0.2654, screenH * 0.2057, screenW * 0.4699, screenH * 0.5885"window.png"000tocolor(255255255255), false)
    dxDrawImage(screenW * 0.3110, screenH * 0.5339, screenW * 0.0956, screenH * 0.1016"button.png"000tocolor(255255255255), false-- button off
    dxDrawImage(screenW * 0.5949, screenH * 0.5339, screenW * 0.0956, screenH * 0.1016"button.png"000tocolor(255255255255), false-- Button on
    dxDrawText("text ", screenW * 0.3088, screenH * 0.3698, screenW * 0.6904, screenH * 0.4010tocolor(255255255255), 1.00"default-bold""center""center"falsefalsefalsefalsefalse)
    dxDrawText("Text", screenW * 0.4029, screenH * 0.4297, screenW * 0.5978, screenH * 0.5716tocolor(255255255255), 1.00"default-bold""center""center"falsefalsefalsefalsefalse)
    dxDrawText("Off", screenW * 0.3250, screenH * 0.5586, screenW * 0.3956, screenH * 0.6029tocolor(255255255255), 1.00"default-bold""center""center"falsefalsefalsefalsefalse)
    dxDrawText("On", screenW * 0.6081, screenH * 0.5586, screenW * 0.6787, screenH * 0.6029tocolor(255255255255), 1.00"default-bold""center""center"falsefalsefalsefalsefalse)

I tried to do something like this 

    if getCursorPosition(screenW * 0.3110, screenH * 0.5339, screenW * 0.0956, screenH * 0.1016then 
        removeEventHandler("onClientRender"root, gui) return

but not working

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You used the getCursorPosition function wrongly. It doesn't take arguments but returns them.
You can check examples in the link above.

For your case you will need the useful function on the wiki: IsMouseInPosition.
You will need to add the function in your script and then replace your "getCursorPosition" with "isMouseInPosition".

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how to do when I navigate with the button on the button, then it changes the transparency and when the cursor is not on the button, it will return to the usual transparency?

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You will have to create a variable which will be for your alpha.
All your images' and texts' alpha value will have to be multiplied by this variable.
If the mouse is not in the position set this variable's value to 0.5 (for example) else 1.

Something like this:

function gui()
	local alpha = 1
	if not isMouseInPosition(...) then
		alpha = 0.5
	dxDrawImage(..., tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255*alpha), ...)


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