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help with scripts

Guest Hazardous

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hi i need help with scripts lol , do they have to be .ini / . mrc or can they be .txt and how do i change txt to ini or mrc?

and alos how do i make a script that when you press !test1 it would say testestest???


Hazardous :)

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from memory, the way I like to use to convert *.txt to *.mrc is by simply renaming the file to that but first you have to unhide the extentions which I believe is done by clicking on tools > Folder Options > Advanced tab then look in the list for "Hide file extentions" or summit like that and untick the box > click ok button, then it'll show extentions for everything. *.mrc is used for mIRC scripts / mtama so thats what needs to be loaded.

Also, heres code for your command

on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: {
 if (!test1 == $3) {
   mta.text $1 testesttest???

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were do i go to options folder options and all that? and does the scripts have to be in .mrc/ini


Edit: i tried that script in mtama and it does not work for me , i am loading scripts by going to general scripts and loading the txt file

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how about downloading mirc (which is a internet chat program which has possibility to load scripts .. the mrc files -and actually RUN them -= aka the thing your missing)

then you need to download mta.mrc .. the script which makes a connection between mirc and mta - and load it in mirc, and set it to make connection

(of course youll need a rcon account in server etcetc)

only then its possible to create a new mrc file - which you'll also need to load - and create your own commands

maybe its a good idea to first try and set up mta.mrc and tommis mtagus.mrc script .. to get a bit o practice and have a few example commands

---- but ill seriously doubt someone having trouble with renaming or saving a file as a other extention will be able to create his own script

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