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Detecting a world object

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Hi all, is it possible to detect a gta world object within a colshape?
For example: can i create a colshape in front of the player and then use isElementWithinColShape to detect if there is anyting inside the col? Even a object from the game itself?

I have created a vehicle shop with a control panel to spawn purchased vehicles.
But i have a little problem with the spawning part.

I use getElementPosition to detect the players x, y, z and the createVehicle (x, y, z).
But now i can spawn a vehicle inside a wall.

To prevent this from happening i want to create a colShape in front of the player and then check if there are any element withing the colShape, so also walls from the game itself.

Somebody any idea how i could detect this or resolve it?

(Sorry for my english xD i know it's not great)

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1 hour ago, Potato_Tomato420 said:

Somebody any idea how i could detect this or resolve it?


Not sure what the best approach is.


Kashtesov released a function that allows you to get the ground position serverside of the GTA san world.


But it would be probably better for your user case:

1. Send triggerClientEvent

2. Draw lines at the place where you want to place the vehicle and check for any collision.


3. Then confirm if there is any space: triggerServerEvent

That way you also take custom objects in account.


Or you can also combine those methods.

Good luck!


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