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Language/demographics in 2021?

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Hi, or rather hi again.

I've been playing SA for a while and it's pretty nostalgic. I remember all the time I put into MTA as well, and it makes me want to take up playing and scripting again.

I noticed the last time I tried playing that a lot of players don't speak English, and the demographics are generally concentrated around Latin America, the Middle East etc., which can be a problem due to the language barrier and also just geographics/latency. For myself, I also find it hard to play a multiplayer game when I can't communicate with other players.

English-speaking players seemed to be in short supply outside of pure RP communities, and I'm not particularly interested in RP. Before I put any real effort into coding and reacquainting myself with the APIs, I'd like to know if it's still possible to build an English language community around a deathmatch/other gamemode server. :)

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