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The stunts dont have to always be perfect neither does the video have to make a huge impact on the community, however recording videos from just a race will only have a good prospect probably for those who havent played RM before etc.

Try something new and be adventurous with your stunts to make them as good as possible.

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i never wanted to show how good I can drive, or how awesome my stunts could be. the one with the Black Eyed Peas for example is made of crashes. i dont wanna show any skill or something.

i made them just to show what is MTA is about. for mates that havent ever seen the game. trailer-like. a bit of sightseeing...:)

the very first try is in my opion crap, you are right with it. but give Speed Demon a chance, and watch it like a trailer.

you can say this one is the best try, cause i was using better software. not that ms-shit. :D

anyway, thanks for any comments.

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