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unban appeal

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MASS SERIAL CHANGING, please help me... 
i'm sorry for it, give me only one chance, please.. 
i just want play in mta
* Ваш серийный номер: A5F8FB18A4214ABFAE0904B9CB4B7A53

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 I don't want to replace the entire computer to play Mta again, please, i made a mistake, let me chance..

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You were interested to change your serial so much, because of a server ban (on "Real Drift Official") that you wanted to evade.

I hope you learned, you'll get a last chance. You will however only be allowed to use your original serial (so you'll have to face server bans that you earned) which is EC425F04E7B2162CB942C0C3703EE6A1 and any further attempts to change away from it will result in a permanent ban without new chances

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