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I would like to appeal my ban because I would refute that I lied in my previous ban, I was able to play on the servers in the morning and now I am faced with being banned when I did nothing. I would like my ban to be reviewed immediately. 

I used an external software to increase the FPS last week, it may have caused my case.

Thank you very much in advance

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59 minutes ago, re1st01 said:

I would like my ban to be reviewed immediately

It was reviewed, and the review (based on technical substance) turned out that you've changed your serial multiple times last year.

The first detected time was on serial CF5B2C25ADD7FC79CFE600C08CBC5474 which was banned in January (for "SERIAL CHANGE") by an MTA team member. So when i noticed you had succeeded a couple more times since then, it was clear to me that you didn't learn from that first ban and simply continued.

This creates the requirement for you to come here, appeal the ban and show regret + understanding that repeating it again will result in a new ban that won't be as easy to appeal. However, you came here to lie about what you've done. That's not satisfactory at all.

So bottom line, earlier today you posted https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/131092-ban-appeal/ and lied. Now you posted and lied again.

If you post and lie again after this moment, you will get a post restriction and a longer term on which you're egilible to appeal again.

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