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I dont understand how to work with is ElementInRange

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The function isElementInRange is called a "useful" function because it's not hardcoded but you have to put it in your script.
On the documentation (^) page everything is explained.
You haven't shown us any code where we can see what you tried.

I don't know what your idea is so I'm just gonna give you an example how to use it (taken from the Wiki page).

function playerInRange(player, cmd)
	local x, y, z = 1492, 1444, 0 -- example location coordinates
	if isElementInRange (player, x, y, z, 25) then -- check if the player is near the location; range 25m
		-- do your stuff here
		outputChatBox("You are not in range!", player)
addCommandHandler("check", playerInRange)

function isElementInRange(ele, x, y, z, range)
   if isElement(ele) and type(x) == "number" and type(y) == "number" and type(z) == "number" and type(range) == "number" then
      return getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, getElementPosition(ele)) <= range -- returns true if it the range of the element to the main point is smaller than (or as big as) the maximum range.
   return false


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