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Hey! I am not willing to write walls of text, so I will be short. Recently (about a month ago) I received a permanent global MTA ban for attempting to spoof my serial number in which I didn't succeed and thus was globally banned.  I'm sorry for what I've tried to do and would like to be unbanned in MTA. If it's not possible to unban me then please tell me when I can post a new unban request. Thanks and once again, sorry! 

My current serial: 6CF1C4DB2CA5809277E03D6A1BA08982

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We are willing to give you another chance, but not before you stop trying to have this serial change.

The reason i am saying this, is because you are either still running the spoofer in question, or it has made changes to your system that you'll need to revert (not our problem).

After you completed this, post here @randomdude1313

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22 hours ago, randomdude1313 said:

Hey, @Dutchman101I reverted the changes done by the spoofer. My current serial: 60144D306D97FEFF9FC365CA6BCA775E. Thank you!

That's fine.. only the changed serial is banned (so it can't be used) and as long you won't repeat this activity in the future, your main serial won't have a ban.

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