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Shader bug.




I've been playing mta since 2017, and this bug is here since then. 

The problem is that, the sahaders won't load on servers for me. (e.g. car paintjobs, weapon paintjobs, street 'paintjob', custom billboard ...). I've tried evrything that I tought it could help, but nothing happend. 

I ran MTADiag, here is the result: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/999994330

I uploaded my clientscript, becouse there are some errors https://pastebin.com/aXLvUqW1

I hope somebody can help me becouse it's so annoying.

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Posted (edited)

Hey and welcome to the Forums!

The most frequent error seems to be "CIncludeManager: Illegal path".

Also about this:

  1. MTA path:              C:\..GTA_SA
  2. GTA path:              C:\..GTA_SA\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Have you tried to install GTA SA and/or MTA SA in different locations ? Maybe on another local disk ?
One or more of the folders from the full path of MTA migth have illegal chars set as name thus causing it to not find the required files for some resources.
I can't see the full path so I'm only guessing.
I don't know how exactly you have installed the game and the mod but from the paths I have seen it seems kinda messy (imo).
Here is what you can try to do:
1) Uninstall both GTA SA and MTA SA.
2) Make a folder for example Games.
3) Install GTA SA in Games/GTA San Andreas.
4) Install MTA SA in Games/MTA San Andreas.
If this doesn't help - repeat but install them on a different local disk.
It would be nice if someone who knows the real reason behind this "CIncludeManager: Illegal path" error tells how to deal with it.
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For me that was a good solution. Thank you so much!

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