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one last chance

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hi dutchman I'm speedrhythm 

I'm rewriting it to lift my ban, I was banned about a year ago. I can't remember how many times I've written to you, But I want one last chance from you, there is nothing to be done in this quarantine time, I realized I can't play any more games than this game. everyone has a fault my mistake was to exploit game vulnerabilities, and not to make this mistake again I want one last chance from you, I'm going to play a normal game, and I'm not going to exploit the game loops

forgive me

serial: 4AD2AF5403D8C9BD29FE1C6406F1CDA1

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As Dutchman said on your previous appeals, there won't be any last chances. (neither for you, nor for the other DD/DM abusers).

You will not be unbanned, no matter how many times you appeal. Our decision is final. 

If you decide to keep going with your appeals, they will be trashed and you will be banned without any further explanation.

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