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How to converte maps to mta

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How can I convert water into wine ?

This is how your question looks like to me... 😄 (no offense)

Now on topic: Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do it.
You will need 3D modelling (to re-create the objects from Assetto Corsa as GTA:SA objects) and mapping skills (to arrange them) to do that.

You can look in the Community site for similar resources (race tracks ?) or on the internet for custom race tracks which you can insert in MTA (with script).

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See https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/96390-¿gta-map-to-mta/

I wasn't very good to explain that in a simple way in 2017 - it is mapping with custom models. Basically, once you got the 3D models of the map in question, you apply them as you would load any other custom objects, face them physically and put them down in map editor. Due to you dealing with custom objects, they will look like them with the exact dimensions they are, making it possible to attach them to eachother and lay down the custom map in editor.

The resulting .map file and a script to always load the required 3D models (for players) is your end product then.

Example resources that do exactly this (custom maps ported to MTA from another game):
1) Akina

2) Okaru

Just take a look at those aspects (the 3D models txd/dff and .map file loading them to resemble the map). Now like SpecT said, you will either need to be a modeller / mapper to make such a map, or find/hire people that are to help you.

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