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MySQL connection error

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Hi for everyone.

When i try to use dbConnect, then debugscript_3 says the next:


I don't know what causes the problem. The MySQL, and the PhPMyAdmin running from a Ubuntu VPS.

If anyone have experience with this problem, please help me. Thanks.


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Welcome to the Forums!

Where are you trying to connect to the MySQL server from - from your PC or an MTA server hosted on the same VPS ?

Also could you show the code with the dbConnect part (don't forget to remove the sensitive information!).

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Thank you! Good to be here.

I run the MTA server on that VPS, that runs the MySQL too.

And yes, here it is.

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Posted (edited)

Your MySQL server might be only listening to local connections.

I'm not 100% sure if this would help but why don't you try using localhost (or instead as a host address ?

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