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My computer and my brother's computer have been banned by reason of the lagswitch. maybe because the last time I played this my internet was having a problem, when I logged into the server I had to wait a long time because the internet provider indihome loss was very high. I live in Indonesia using Indihome provider if the MTA management is willing, please check the connection provided by Indihome. for that I beg you to unban my computer and my brother's computer. Serial : F2D96BB931C93EA5F90928BA2616A294 Serial :805CA9A7AB163B9B3E3ED94386095602

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Don't lie

Temporary bans cannot be appealed, but as the ban reason says, the next time you're going to perform the same activities (testing lagswitches if they are detected & building your own lagswitches) you will get a permanent ban

If you do something, accept the consequences @rianhday

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