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[SELL] Advanced Drug System

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Hi everyone! I want to offer for sale a Advanced Drug System that can be the perfect DLC for your Roleplay server.


The Advanced Drug System is a system designed to bring realism to your city. This Mod allows you to be a drug dealer.

The system works by ACL protection, ensuring the security and efficiency of the Mod, selecting

the people who will have access to the system.

The drug dealer can sell up to 5 different types of drugs:

- Marihuana

- Cocaine

- Crack

- Crystal

- Ecstasy

Each drug has a different psychedelic effect when used and the time it gets stoned is random, which can be a quick or long wave.

Marijuana plantation system to be able to plant and process marijuana.

Illegal drug store exclusively for those at ACL, with the option to buy Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy and Crystal.

Command /selldrugs to create a Marker and start selling drugs to nearby players.

Key bind to open the Drug Inventory, configurable in Edit.

Edit script to customize the main Mod settings.

Useful commands:

- /setdrugs id drugname quantity - Set drugs for a player. (Example: / setdrugs 1 marijuana 50) (Permission only for ACL Admin and Console)
Name of the drugs: marijuana crack cocaine ecstasy crystal.

- /drugs - Opens the drug inventory.

- /selldrugs - Command for a trafficker use to open the drug store.

- /plantmarijuana - Starts the planting of marijuana on the farm


Screenshots of the Mod:


Edit script for you to customize the Mod to your liking.


Drugs Inventory


After smoke weed


The effect of marijuana creates random objects without collision.


Cocaine effect


Illegal Drug Store (Exclusive for players in the drug dealer ACL)


Panel selling drugs to other players 


Marijuana planting process








ID System (Included on the resource package)

This resource is compiled

Buy it

Payment with Paypal using PayHip and get the Download file
Buy it fast and safe here:


Or send $30 to nickscriptermta@gmail.com with Paypal

and i will send the Mod File to your E-mail.

Other products:

Advanced Medical System MTA Forum



 Facebook Page

 E-MAIL: nickscriptermta@gmail.com

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Cool, excepcional functions !

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