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[DOWNLOAD] Map - Inside a UFO

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Hey there,

Today I'm presenting you an old map I've made. You can check it on the video and the screenshot.

The map is simple and scripted, as you see it has two moveable circles (UFO Is not moving) and two times your screen will be shaken, I've set it like that to give it a realistic effect. You can download three links, which have Shake and 3D Sounds and which has no one of them. 

You see the map has race gamemode in the video, but I have removed the race game mode also and set it to the RP/Freeroam style.

(Download Links Below)


Download Links:

(You don't need to pay, just click one of the links above and you will be able to unlock the download link when you subscribed to my channel ❤️ )

Download with 3d sounds, scripts, textures & race gamemode.

Download with 3d sounds, scripts, textures & no race gamemode.

Download with scripts, textures, no race gamemode & no 3d sounds.

Download with scripts, textures, no race gamemode, no 3d sounds & no shake effect.


Something more to say about Download Links,

The advertisements you see on the website you are on originate from your internet history. :P


Do you need more variations?

contact me via Discord:



Best Regards,

Nebla Stuff

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