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Logged in for the first time in MTA error CD47 comes out

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For the first time I decided to go to the MTA to play on the servers. But when connecting, the error serial change/ spoofer banned you.

Serial B23BC244B43577F41DB5839D86AEA784

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

It appears that you're a game cheater (as in: any other game) which has led to you using a spoofer in the past. This spoofer made permanent changes to your system.

From here on, it's your responsibility to make sure no spoofers are running, and that any of such potentially permanent changes are undone. If you cannot pinpoint them for reversing manually, the only solution is to completely re-install Windows. As it's not a problem on our side, that is the best advise we can provide (no technical support).

Hope it helps anyways, @Lerdi

Learn a lesson from this: don't be a cheater in any game, and using tools that cheaters need can mess up some stuff in your OS.

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