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Hello, welcome to MTA Forums. Next time, please write an appropriate topic name for the topic you're creating. I've gone ahead and moved your topic to a more suitable place.

I've read your message and I think you're making a complaint about one of our staff members, if that's the case, you can go ahead and send a Forum PM to @Tut . He'll be able to handle your staff report.

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Posted (edited)

I filed a complaint, but there is no one to respond to my letter
When I wrote this, I answered
There is a server called [Edited]
It also creates virtual server with my popular server name
Someone blocked my server name from searching for a reason I don't know
I own the largest Arab server now
And that person who owns the [Edited] Server will create a server similar to the name to be ported to his or her server
This is a Live Server IP: [Edited] for [Edited] Server
Successful management personnel are required to hold this person accountable
It also resolves an issue where servers are not shown in search

please Answer ....

Edited by Tut
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