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Disconnected: AC #4 SERIAL CHANGE SPOOFER kicked you

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On 25 April i received a ban when I spoofed the ban on the Province Fake (Province X), I made some cheats, such as explosions and weapons, now I don't make any cheats, and don't spoof the bans, I want to play MTA, give me a chance!

I'm apologize about all of my actions, now I want to be a simple player, not cheater.

I was new in cheatmaking and stopped it when I received the ban, I want to play MTA such as Province

Serial: AD336218B5291C7001D5FCA637DA67F3 and 78F71F5DCBB229F4F9193ADE3F78D6B2

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Just the changed serials are banned, what you should do is make sure all traces of the spoofer are gone (if it made permanent changes to your system, you should re-install Windows) but we're not going to get out of our way to help a forks cheater / dev to be able to use their changed serials (we're not gonna unban them, or whitelist you). All of the problems are on your side here.

Obviously, when a serial change is detected, the 'fake' serial gets banned so it cannot be used.

If you have solved the problem by yourself, you really should stop those practises or else we will go out of our way, but in a negative sense: to make sure you will be fully banned (and not able to return, not even on your real serial), in order to help forks protect themselves against you.

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