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Manager for a Strict-But-Fun Roleplay Server


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Hey, I'm looking to open a heavy/serious roleplay event-based roleplay server. I've been thinking of a server which will only open at the time of a certain event, where everyone will register to play a part, for example, a heist, or a hijack, and more, and also will be open for long-term events, these events may last days depending on how players decide to structure it in real-time, as the roleplay it properly. I require a community owner which I would decide to pay a small amount if things go right, and a bunch of scripter. The community manager must know have the potential to manage, and have the humor of how brand-work is done. Please DM me if interested, MTA has been dying with its losing roleplay interests, but I believe that people of GTA SA exist who would like to bounce back because they love it. MTA has a great potential, and I want to utilize it at its core.

if anyone is interested to participate in this journey, as a scripter, a manager, or a volunteer may contact me on Discord: Sway#0870.


“if you team up top-talented people—even if you give them the wrong jobs—they will figure out a way to do a good job.” ... It is the inclination to assign to the leader credit or blame for the team's success or failure.” - Rich Kaarlgaard


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